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Our experienced staff is committed to nothing short of excellence. 

We are proud members of the professional beauty industry, continually looking for ways to better our skills and learn new techniques. When you visit us, our friendly, helpful staff will answer your questions and make suggestions on how to best serve you. To learn more about the members of our staff, click the links on their names below to "Meet the Treet."

Kathy Breda

Chief of Fun & Fabulous

Nancy McCracken

Director of First Impressions

Tessa St Jean

Diva of the Desk

Maria Rosca

Baroness of Beauty

Leanne Proulx

Wizard of Wax

Grace Westlake

Princess of Perfection

Michelle Meyer

Queen of Colour

Maria Zarola

Contessa of the Cut

Denise Worrall

Lady of Locks

Annette Keresztes

Mistress of the Mane

Norbie Keresztes

Master of Curl

Jeanette DelBen

Duchess of the Do